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A Taste of Flavour and Wine: The Magic of a Private Chef

Updated: Mar 13

"From my first phone call with Rob, nothing was too much trouble. He was so relaxed, had so many ideas and was so flexible, which was perfect as I needed a menu to please ages ranging from 4 to 78! The Cornish Feast (with wine) was absolutely fantastic and plentiful, with no clearing up after; what's not to love! It was the easiest and most delicious birthday party I've ever had."
Sarah Samways

Regarding hosting a party, the food and drinks are arguably the most important aspect. It sets the mood, brings people together, and creates lasting memories. But what if you could have a restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of your home or holiday apartment, complete with professionally paired wines? That's where the Magic of a Private Chef Rob comes in.

Award wining Private chef Robert Michael Cornwall
Chef Robert Michael

Having a private chef 'experience' to cater dinner parties is a stylish way to mark those memorable life events. Celebrating significant birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and more is a great way. And the best part? It takes the stress away from hosting, allowing more time to relax and enjoy the party. The magic of a private chef allows everyone to enjoy the evening!

A #privatechef is essentially a restaurant experience in your own home, and Chef Rob is a master of his craft. From the moment you make your first call, you'll feel at ease. Rob is relaxed, has many ideas, and is incredibly flexible. This is especially important when catering to a diverse range of ages.

Rob answers the dining experience. He has the wine professionally paired, ensuring that the right wine perfectly complements each dish. His extensive knowledge of flavours is second to none, and he takes the time to understand your tastes and preferences, tailoring each menu to suit your needs.

Private chef Rob is the answer to all your dining needs in #StIves and throughout #Cornwall. With his impeccable attention to detail, relaxed approach, and professional wine pairings, you're guaranteed an unforgettable dining experience. So why not treat yourself and your guests to a taste of Flavour and Wine with Chef Robert Michael.

As Sarah said, "It was the easiest and most delicious birthday party I've ever had." - You won't regret it!


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